Android Spyware Helped One Person Catch A Cheating Spouse

Android Spyware – How Android Spyware Helped One Person Catch A Cheating Spouse

Here is a story how Android spyware helped a reader uncover an affair. I’ll call Bill.

“We used to spend every moment together and shared everything with each other. Last year Laura became distant and cold towards me and started just disappearing without telling me where she was going and didn’t answer when I called”

Bill, 48 from Austin, Texas.

“One day I returned home from work and saw a man’s watch by my bed. I was crushed. I now had to actually face the suspicions that I had been trying to deny for months. Laura was having an affair.”

Bill was almost certain that his wife was being unfaithful, however he did not have much to back up his argument. Excuses could even be made about the watch. What he needed was hard, concrete evidence so that he could be 100% sure.

“A friend of mine had caught his wife cheating by downloading Android spyware onto her phone. I’m not particularly technology savvy, so I was apprehensive to use such a technical device, but I thought I may as well give it a go. It seemed like the smartest option.”

Bill downloaded the Android spyware phone software in a matter of minutes onto his wife’s phone and then simply logged onto the Android spyware vendor’s website where he could monitor her every move in front of his eyes.

“I’m not going to say that it was exactly a pleasant experience to see that my wife was lying to me, but the Android spyware spy software enabled me to find out was what I needed to confront her, get things out in the open and finally move on.”

Millions of people like Bill are finding out the truth about their cheating spouses through the Android spyware.

With the visible Android spyware spy software devices being absolutely free, you can try it out on your own phone before monitoring your spouse to get used to how it works (even though it is incredibly easy). Presuming that the whole point of you looking at the activities of your spouse using Android spyware are uncover infidelity, you probably do not want them to be aware that you are tracking them, so the hidden software is probably the best option for you.

Prices of Android spyware range from just $50 to a not particularly hefty $350 for the best, and they do a lot more than just simply tracking. In addition to tracking an Android phone, Android spyware also enables you to read all text messages even if they have been deleted, look through all photographs and videos, check out calendar entries, browse contact lists and even listen in on calls!

Moreover, Android spyware also enables you to look at the whole call logs and see what calls have been made and what have been received along with the exact dates and times. Your spouse answers the phone to a ‘work call’ and shiftily goes into the other room to take it? Well then why not check the Android spyware vendor’s website and see whether it is in fact their work by getting the number and calling it back? You can also monitor all ingoing and outgoing emails on the Android spyware tracking software and view all of the details.

  • If your partner is unlucky enough to be cheating on you whilst you are tracking them with the Android spyware, then they better watch out because you are going to know every little detail of what they’ve been up to.

Maybe your partner is not having an affair but you feel that they may be in pursuit of one.

Although physical contact may not have occurred yet, you may have the suspicion that they have visited dating sites or online chat-rooms. Well now you can know for sure with the Android spyware.

As innovative and utterly amazing Android spyware is, you must not take it on lightly, as like Bill, you may find out some things that are truly disturbing and could even end your relationship or marriage. Using Android spyware is not a game, and your life really could be changed forever. However, if your spouse is cheating, as painful as it may be, finding out with Android spyware sooner rather than later will most probably be for the best.

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