Android Spyware Helps Employers Track Their Employees

Android Spyware Helps Employers Track Their Employees

Tracking all your employees can be a difficult task at the best of times, but when your workforce is mainly field based, monitoring their work and costs can be a nightmare. Android spyware may just be the tool you are looking for to help solve this nightmare.

A field based workforce, sales or service based, will, more than likely be provided with company cellphones. Many companies see the benefit of being able to call employees or patch client calls through to them when they are out of the office, but the company provided cellphone can also be a tracking tool helping you and your employees to monitor expenses and drive greater economies in your business.

Installing Android spyware on company issued Android based cellphones allows you, as employer, to view the location of the cellphones on a real-time basis. If the Android phone is in a certain location it is probably safe to assume the employee is with it, if not then your have much bigger problem than tracking software can help with.

Running in the background on the phone, Android spyware transmits real-time location, call log, sms log and even email and web views to a remote server. That server interprets the data received from the Android spyware, and sends it to a secure online site which you can access from anywhere in the world. Knowing where your workforce are at all times is vital in keeping an eye on appointments, sales leads and even down time. Knowing that your workforce aren’t running up huge call costs too can be of great benefit to any business.

Apart from the data provided, Android spyware make sense with a mobile workforce. By monitoring with your staff locations, you can advise on the best route to the next client or help staff to avoid traffic jams or accidents as they move around the field. This ability will increase efficiency and productivity from your workforce and ultimately benefit all of your staff. In a highly competitive business environment, the ability to make meetings on schedule using the best route and avoiding delays could give your business the edge over competitors.

Android spyware is relatively inexpensive and can be installed on any Android based handset in a matter of minutes, no user participation is required to run the application as it works away in hidden mode. Some Android spyware apps (such as the one sold by SpyBubble) even enable you to install their Android spy software on as many devices as you want — on a single license.


Whether you inform your staff the Android spyware app has been installed, is a business decision you have to make based upon your knowledge of your staff. However, it could be argued that a field based team that is aware you are monitoring them with Android spy software, tend to be more productive.

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If you are investing in a cellphone for your staff members, then it makes business sense to look seriously at Android spyware apps. The cost of buying the Android spy software could be easily offset by the saving and efficiencies that can achieved.