Android Spyware for Cheating Spouse

Android Spyware Can Be Used To Spy On Cheating Partner

Today just about everyone uses a cell phone, as it’s made our lives much more easier by increasing ways in which we communicate and interact with the world. Apple’s iPhone receives all the attention, but in reality Android is growing by insane numbers. A recent report shows that Android smartphone sales grew by 888% last quarter.

This means it’s definitely becoming a OS to take seriously, which also means more people than ever before are buying Android phones. If you have a spouse and you suspect them of cheating, chances are that they might have an Android phone right now, or plan on buying one in the near future.

If your spouse has an Android phone, and you think he or she might be cheating on you, then you need get your hands on Android spyware to find out the truth. If they are planning on buying a new phone, after reading this post you’ll know that in order to get the evidence you need to find out they are cheating, you’ll have to convince them to buy an Android phone so you can get spy software on it.

What does Android spyware enable you to do?

Android spyware enables you to spy on just about all the things your spouse does on their phone. This includes such things as incoming and outgoing text messages, viewing call logs, reading emails sent or received on the phone, tracking their location in real-time, viewing their web browser history, seeing what type of photos they are taking, and even listening to recorded calls that are made or received from specific numbers.

In a nutshell, Android spyware enables any suspicious spouse to secretly spy on and track everything their spouse does on their phone. This is done without the user knowing anything is going on.

Where to buy Android spyware?

There are a lot of Android spyware vendors on the market now, but only a couple that you should really look at. Here are a couple, including one you should stay away from if you want to catch a cheating spouse.

MobiStealth (www.mobistealthSPY. com) is by far the most advanced Android spyware app on the market today. If you want the most features money can buy, check out these guys.

Mobile Spy ( net) is another company that comes highly recommended. They offer the perfect balance between price and features. Although they don’t have all the features of MobiStealth, you can get started for less than $50 bucks and they have live support to help you every step of the way.

SpyBubble (www.spy-bubble. com) is a company that sells Android monitoring software. I say “monitoring” because their app is NOT hidden to the user. This means if you plan on spying on your spouse, they WILL KNOW they are being monitored. SpyBubble is better for people who want to monitor someone that is completely aware they are being monitored such as your kids or employees. Remember, this app is NOT hidden, so don’t use it to spy on a spouse.