How Android Spyware Helps You Protect Your Kids

How Android Spyware Helps You Protect Your Kids

A recent survey found that one if five parents were unaware of their child’s online activity.

This finding means twenty per cent of the parents don’t know what their kids are viewing or more importantly who they are communicating with online, that statistic alone should be cause for alarm in most people.

As parents, what can be done to change that? Monitoring computer activity or preventing unwanted access can be done reasonably easily, most operating systems come bundled with parental control software which can prevent children accessing inappropriate content.

The grey area where online activity and digital communications is hardest to monitor is cellphone usage. Most cellphones these days are capable of more than just making and receiving calls or texts, they have internet browsers, instant messaging, and multimedia functions. These functions are the most likely way your kid may get unwarranted attention or grooming. However, there is a cost effective way of monitoring your child’s cellphone usage. A cellphone spyware installed on the handset will provide reassurance and monitoring for parents.

There are about four main operating systems on cellphones, the iPhone runs its own os, then windows mobile, symbian (Nokia) and Android. Android is Googles answer to the iPhone and, like the iPhone, there are thousands of applications available to install.


Android spyware installed on your kids phone will provide location data, call data, sms data, email data and even internet data to you the parent. This data is accessed on a secure website and comes time and date stamped so you know where the Android cellphone is and what activity is current on the device.

Android spyware is invisible to the Android user, and it operates in the background, so there is no activation required from your child and unless informed by you, your child doesn’t even know the Android spyware application is working on the phone. Realtime location shown on a map (Google Maps) and realtime activity logs recorded by the Android spyware allow parents to see who is contacting their children and who their children are communicating with, even when out of the house.

The question of whether your child is aware the Android spyware app is installed is a matter for each family and depends on the type of relationship between parents and children. Some parents may regard the use of an Android spyware as spying, others will see the use of Android spyware as a necessary tool in protecting their children as they move into adulthood and greater independence.

The moral debate about using Android spyware is something of a distraction, the greater moral imperative is to ensure the safety of children and monitoring technologies such as Android spyware, are a vital tool in that regard.