Is Your Spouse Cheating? Android Spyware May Have the Answer

Is Your Spouse Cheating? Android Spyware May Have The Answer

All relationships go through bad patches, and in these times trust between partners can suffer. Some would argue when trust is gone there is nothing left in a relationship, so many people are afraid to admit there may be a trust issue.

So what if you are having an issue trusting a cheating spouse and you suspect they may be cheating, what should you watch out for and how can you help the trust issue?

There are a number of telltale signs that a partner may be cheating, late night work, sudden change in behavior, either good or bad. Sometimes increased tension or stress in a partner without any visible reason.

If your spouse starts changing how she/he dresses , or starts taking better care of their appearance. One of the most telling signs is cellphone behavior.

If your partner suddenly leaves the room to take a call when this hasn’t been normal, then that may be a reason for concern. If they get annoyed when you glance over at their texting or emails from the cellphone and quickly hide the screen, or if there is increased call or text activity at unusual hours then you should probably begin looking for other evidence of cheating.

So if the cellphone behavior is a giveaway sign, how can you confirm that something untoward is going on?

One of the easiest solutions to implement is Android spy software, commonly referred to as Android spyware.

Installing an android spyware app on their cell phone is very cost effective and can provide a wide range of information about the cellphone usage.

Android spyware apps are installed on the Android phone itself using the browser on the handset. When installed, the Android spyware app provides data on the phones location, call usage, text usage, email usage and even internet browsing.

The data recorded by the Android spy software is sent to a remote server where it can be accessed through a secure internet site. The location data recorded by the Android spyware is displayed on a map(Google Maps), and the call, text and email logs provide a time and date stamp as well as originating number of email address.

The information collected by the Android spyware app will quickly show patterns in usage or frequently called numbers and the times they are accessed. While this evidence may not be a smoking gun, if is coupled with other anecdotal evidence such as pride in appearance or late working, it can provide a firm basis for questioning your partner and in particular bringing up the subject of trust.

A relationship without trust won’t last too long, and questioning trust in a spouse is not something that should be done without substantial evidence. Android spyware may not be as thorough as a private detective, but Android spyware apps are more cost effective and just might lead you to reinstate the trust before you wreck the relationship totally.

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